Wednesday, November 19, 2008

stew is overrated

it honestly is.

grandmother (really its grandma) made her "treasured" (i use that term lightly) beef stew. yuck.

i was therefore forced to eat this because she is just so nice to make us this. now, i am not saying that she's not, but i do so terribly hate her stew.

i, as i do every time i eat it, doused it in salt and pepper so that i could not taste the tomatoes or celery, both which i cannot bear.

moving on...

i have no pictures (BIG SURPRISE!). *hit i am getting so bad at that. i do not like to write out profanities (but i do say it a shameful amount of times) so i put asterisks on at least one of the letters.

also, just some other little grammar pet peeves:

  • i hate it when "like" is written out when used as a spacer

  • it irritates me when someone spells something incorrectly on a sheet of paper (or anything else) then does not change it (i have way too many examples.)

  • i dont read books i dont understand. (not really a grammar thing)

  • incorrectly structured sentences bug me. a lot.


  • so, as recently, twilight has been getting some major free ad space. they've been in (as far as i know):

Vanity Fair

Teen Vogue

Entertainment Weekly

an infinite # of Seventeen and CosmoGirl! issues *oooh, edward is soo hawt!* *scream**swoon*

yes, i was making fun of tweenie boppers.

  • i'm going camping this weekend starting friday so dont expect many posts until after we all give Thanks, my few, if any readers.

  • that's all folks!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

How much do you love carrots?

I love them a lot.
So do these guys.
So, heres whats on my mind (there's quite a few):
  • I am sick. I feel dreadful. I feel like a lonely low-life because the only thing i did today was go to Costco. But i got to wear my slippers in there. But i got free coffee in there. But i got delicious pumpkin cheesecake samples at least one million times even though it had that eewy orange jello junk on there (wonder where all that's going.)

  • i am starting to love american apparel more and more. i REALLY love:

all the innovative costumes

the circle scarf

slim slacks

shiny leggings (in black lame)

jersey skirt

and lots more....

  • my favorite drinks at starbucks are:

chai tea latte no water

peppermint white chocolate mocha

pike place

breakfast blend

signature hot chocolate

caramel frappacino

caramel macchiato


  • why doesn't dog food have calories? calories are still calories no matter what they're consumed by.

  • i cannot freakin wait till thanksgiving and christmas!!!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

random ramblings...

i feel like shit.
i dont usually have a 'potty' (i hate that word so passionately) mouth, but i think that word describes what i feel like pretty vividly.
my nose has been running nonstop all day long and none of the classrooms had a single box of tissues.
the one good thing about today is that we had a wrap party in drama. we had block sched. today so it was xtra long.
megan's mom made her oh-so-verry-yummy cinnamon oatmeal cookies.
the best.
pretty boring.
also, my dad showed me his old holga camera that he'll be letting me use.
going to watch ugly betty, the office, and 30 rock tonight.
eating barbeque chicken sandwiches.
i wanted chinese.
tomorrow night.
starbucks tomorrow morning.
will have more soon....

Sunday, November 9, 2008

post-halloween desires

yes, i do fully realize that this holiday has had its moments in the sun (really, the moon) but i am still having fantasies of costumes. as i did not dress up this year, i have had more costume cravings than should be humanly sane. today (and the past week) i have been wishing i had been a ring director. i promise danny devito, i am not copying (Danny Devito was a ring director in Big Fish, for those of you who are not totally obsessed with midgets and Tim Burton). not slacks and a top hat, but more of a fanatical ring director. im thinking tutu, crazy patterned tights, red sparkle vest, assymetrical shrunken blazer, crimed frizzy hair and a black silk top hat. just like frosty. not.

Saturday, November 8, 2008


so, this saturday (that would be today) we had a garage sale. yesterday, i was searching through my mom's old shoes (i know--its starting to sound like a very badly edited story). usually, i can never find anything i like of hers because we have two completely different tastes. but, luckily, i found 4 pairs of shoes that i really did like. the first two, i love, but the last two, i just cant seem to decide. here, just look at them:

shoe credits:
oxfords: nine west
kitten heels: unknown
other heels: nine west
sandals: unknown (it says rockport on the sole, i dont know if thats the brand or the store.)