Saturday, May 31, 2008

Mad TV - Desperate Housewives

ok, i actually do like this show, but this is hilarious.


am proud of myself. i pulled my first all-nighter. ok, i wasnt studying, but i stayed up all night watching old episodes of gilmore girls with french and italian subtitles.

Friday, May 30, 2008

jonas brudderz

no i am not obsessed. it's just that i buy every single magazine that they're mentioned in. do you think that's obsessed? i dont wanna be like those crazy stalkermaniacs that like follow they're every single move. btw,k to all of those who like some humor in their lives, go to<------that's the actual websire. .tv is like .com get it? then go to Jonas Brotherz yes, with a "z". it's my two best friends that are even more obsessed than i am with the jb's. they pretend that they're the jonas brothers. hee hee. don't tell them i told you this. they would be royally pissed at me.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008


i think i am obsessed with literally.

here's what im thinking would look great on the beach.

that's all i could do in this time span.

designer junk

dont get me wrong. i love my fair share of designer clothing.....and other stuff. the only thing is that its basically a rip off. picture yourself by the pool of you best friends house saying this (in a snooty, high-pitched voice):

"ohh, look at me in my faah-bulucsious MELISSA ODABASH swimsuit! haha, dont you hate me even more now?

when you could just say....

"hey look at my brand-spanking new swimsuit! such a steal! i got it for fifteen dollars at old navy!" so there.