Saturday, October 4, 2008


i hate cleaning. my dads out of town (NYC-the big apple) and my mom's making me clean the entire house. also, she keeps saying 'freakin' which gets really annoying after youve heard 10 times in the past minute. ew. you know, if you get the packaged coffee from starbucks, it just isnt the same. it tastes disgusting. especially when youre drinking it in front of a computer screen (i dont know that that has anything to do with it, but jeez, this post was really random) (by the way--my favorite coffee is french roast, ya i know that you cant get that anymore and you have to get pike place, which is cheaper, so thats kinda better) (also, just so you know i hate using email or texting expressions--no wonder the bill is so high-- such as jsyk, or brb, or aka, &c.)

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Kiddo said...

They sell Pike Place roast at other starbucks? I'm such a tard, I thought they only sold it at the Pike Place store. It's the only one I really go to.