Thursday, October 2, 2008

restaurant--dallas, TX

i know most people do not live in dallas, TX--much less Texas, but i have just got to express my feelings about this one restaurant in the Bishop Arts District (if any of you do live in Dallas, you probably, or, hopefully know where this is. please try it out) anyway, i have to brag about this. their fries are awesomely amazing, the sweet potato fries are the best. their ketchup (they call it catsup) is made with cinnamon and is entirely extreme. and their lemonade, the best part of the entire meal is heavenly heavenly. it comes in blueberry, strawberry, and peach. also, what i just realized is that i havent even mentioned the name--its Tillman's Roadhouse. this is amazing. IF YOU EVER COME TO DALLAS--TRY THIS ONE OUT!

while i'm at it, here are my top dallas restaurants (in no particular order):

1. Tillman's Roadhouse (Bishop Arts District)
2. Fireside Pies (Henderson part of Knox-Henderson)
3. Neiman Marcus Mermaid Bar (Neiman Marcus, Northpark Mall) http://http//
4. Neiman Marcus Zodiac Room (Neiman Marcus, Downtown)
5. Chuy's (Knox part of Knox-Henderson/ restaurant located across from apple store if that helps)
picture:tillman's roadhouse (not mine)

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