Saturday, December 27, 2008

the weather outside is frightful... and rainy.

sometimes i wish i lived in England. or at least Canada. it just seems as if everybody there are just a ton more....

oh, how do say it...


i mean, really, all of my favorite bands are from there, and i wish i could talk in that amazing accent, plus it actually SNOWS there!

maybe i'm overreacting a bit.

anyways, i've been listening to the Killers...

i can't seem to find any of their other albums here, though.

i've only listened to 5 songs, and i'm in love.

human and spaceman are my favorites so far.

funny thing is, this was my dad's christmas present.

so i got a lot of nice stuff, but the big kapow is gonna come today or sometime this weekend. i've been saving up my money for a laptop. it's gonna be the dell inspiron. in either white or black.

i also got this super soft robe (which my dad made fun of since it's only 5% cashmere, but it still feels like heaven.)

plus, a ouija board, which i've been wanting for about 2 years now. (eeeeviilll!eeeeviilll!!!!!)

ouija said my husbands name will be paul brebrak. what kind of name is that?


did some after christmas sale shopping at crate&barrel, restoration hardware, and pottery barn. my three favorite stores (that's a joke) with my mom and grandma. my mom got really mad at me for no reason. that wasn't fun. then we had pei wei though. the best chinese food were ever gonna get in Texas.

this is our christmas tree ( i know it's sideways). it's pretty bare and wimpy if you cant already see that. but it's pretty when it's dark outside and the lights are turned on.

i'm afraid that this blog is becoming a "life" blog. the one thing i was scared for it to become. i just don't know what else it could be though. i dont have that many interesting clothes, so it couldn't be a fashion blog. i do cook, but not enough for this to be a solely cooking blog. i'm not creative enough for this to be an art blog, and i'm not musically cultural for this to be a music blog.

i'm all mixed up.

au revoir readers.

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