Tuesday, December 23, 2008

i'm baaa-aackk....

i know that there's been a massive, huge, colossal, carvernous amount of space here where i haven't been writing, but fret not-- there is hope on the horizon. during this span (dex) of time, i have spent it in Washington D.C. (our, or my nation's capitol) and the wonderful, incredulous (i think i just made that up) New York City. i'm gonna start a few new things on here, like:

stands for: Random Fact Of The Day
comes from: The Book Of Useless Information
why i love it (and you should too): nothing in there is useful, but you can turn to any page and find out something you didn't know.
why it will last: there are three other similar books, all over 200 pages filled with amazing useless knowledge.

2: My D.C./N.Y.C. travel journal
what it is: while i was away, i kept a journal (religiously, i might add.) (no, not in the name of God, but yes, the other definition.) of what i did, ate, and did more of.
comes from: directly from the travel journal i kept close at hand 24/7.
why i love it: because its miiinnneeee!!!!!!!!
why it will last: it won't, but that doesn't mean it won't be interesting.

3: Endless lists of lists
what it is: obviously, it is a list of lists of whatever i like.
comes from: my head, and what i write down in my listography book.
why i love it: you will now have access to whatever i'm thinking of in the organized form of lists!
why it will last: as said above, it is endless.

what it stands for: My Pick Of The Day
what it is: whatever i see, hear, or taste that i love will be recorded one at a time.
comes from: everywhere imaginable
why it will last: there is an everlasting source of discovery everywhere you look.

all this starting tomorrow!

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