Wednesday, November 19, 2008

stew is overrated

it honestly is.

grandmother (really its grandma) made her "treasured" (i use that term lightly) beef stew. yuck.

i was therefore forced to eat this because she is just so nice to make us this. now, i am not saying that she's not, but i do so terribly hate her stew.

i, as i do every time i eat it, doused it in salt and pepper so that i could not taste the tomatoes or celery, both which i cannot bear.

moving on...

i have no pictures (BIG SURPRISE!). *hit i am getting so bad at that. i do not like to write out profanities (but i do say it a shameful amount of times) so i put asterisks on at least one of the letters.

also, just some other little grammar pet peeves:

  • i hate it when "like" is written out when used as a spacer

  • it irritates me when someone spells something incorrectly on a sheet of paper (or anything else) then does not change it (i have way too many examples.)

  • i dont read books i dont understand. (not really a grammar thing)

  • incorrectly structured sentences bug me. a lot.


  • so, as recently, twilight has been getting some major free ad space. they've been in (as far as i know):

Vanity Fair

Teen Vogue

Entertainment Weekly

an infinite # of Seventeen and CosmoGirl! issues *oooh, edward is soo hawt!* *scream**swoon*

yes, i was making fun of tweenie boppers.

  • i'm going camping this weekend starting friday so dont expect many posts until after we all give Thanks, my few, if any readers.

  • that's all folks!

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