Saturday, November 15, 2008

How much do you love carrots?

I love them a lot.
So do these guys.
So, heres whats on my mind (there's quite a few):
  • I am sick. I feel dreadful. I feel like a lonely low-life because the only thing i did today was go to Costco. But i got to wear my slippers in there. But i got free coffee in there. But i got delicious pumpkin cheesecake samples at least one million times even though it had that eewy orange jello junk on there (wonder where all that's going.)

  • i am starting to love american apparel more and more. i REALLY love:

all the innovative costumes

the circle scarf

slim slacks

shiny leggings (in black lame)

jersey skirt

and lots more....

  • my favorite drinks at starbucks are:

chai tea latte no water

peppermint white chocolate mocha

pike place

breakfast blend

signature hot chocolate

caramel frappacino

caramel macchiato


  • why doesn't dog food have calories? calories are still calories no matter what they're consumed by.

  • i cannot freakin wait till thanksgiving and christmas!!!

1 comment:

Anna Shapiro said...

A few things to say....
First: My jacket is from Pimkie, i got it while I was in Germany over the summer
Second: I LOVE starbucks, and my favorite drinks are light pumpkin spice frap, and light mocha frap with protein
Third: I LOVE Jane Eyre.