Thursday, November 13, 2008

random ramblings...

i feel like shit.
i dont usually have a 'potty' (i hate that word so passionately) mouth, but i think that word describes what i feel like pretty vividly.
my nose has been running nonstop all day long and none of the classrooms had a single box of tissues.
the one good thing about today is that we had a wrap party in drama. we had block sched. today so it was xtra long.
megan's mom made her oh-so-verry-yummy cinnamon oatmeal cookies.
the best.
pretty boring.
also, my dad showed me his old holga camera that he'll be letting me use.
going to watch ugly betty, the office, and 30 rock tonight.
eating barbeque chicken sandwiches.
i wanted chinese.
tomorrow night.
starbucks tomorrow morning.
will have more soon....

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